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    What to Expect from Invisalign Treatment

    Last updated 1 day 12 hours ago

    If your teeth aren't as straight as you'd like, you have options besides traditional metal braces. One choice your orthodontic dentist may recommend, especially to adults, is Invisalign. This orthodontic treatment is a great way to get the straight teeth you want without the look of braces. Here is an overview of what you can expect with Invisalign:

    Treatment Plan

    Once you decide on Invisalign, your orthodontic dentist begins the treatment by taking molds of your teeth. The molds, combined with X-rays, measurements, and other information from the dentist, are used to create custom trays, just for you. The set of trays will work together to realign your teeth.


    Every two weeks, you'll replace the aligner you've been wearing with the next one in the series. This allows for slow, steady movement of the teeth. Your progression to the smile of your dreams moves rapidly, and you should be able to see change with each new set of trays.


    Invisalign allows you to see your orthodontic dentist about every six weeks for a checkup. This saves you time as compared to monthly checkups for traditional braces. Your dentist will ensure the aligners are working for you, and use the time to answer any questions or concerns you have.

    Daily Care

    Taking care of your teeth is even more crucial with Invisalign. You'll need to brush and floss at least twice a day, and the trays will need to be cleaned. Doing so prevents the buildup of bacteria on your teeth and in the trays.

    Daily Commitment

    While you can remove your aligners to eat and care for your teeth, you need to commit to wearing them for 20-22 hours each day for them to work. Since they are virtually invisible, you won't have to worry embarrassment during your normal activities. The more consistent you are with your commitment, the better the trays will work for you.

    If you've decided Invisalign is right for you, let the orthodontic dentists at Premiere Dental Arts in Frederick start your custom treatment plan today. We can help you get a clean, white, properly aligned smile. To schedule an appointment, call us at (240) 215-3510.

    Look and Feel Better with Botox [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Last updated 2 days 11 hours ago

    When you look in the mirror, do you notice that you have fine lines and wrinkles forming around the corners of your eyes or in between your eyebrows? Crow’s feet and frown lines can make you look older than you really are, which can be a frustrating experience. Botox is an injection that is used to reduce the appearance of these wrinkles for an improved cosmetic appearance. The Botox solution relaxes the muscles that cause the wrinkles, leading to a smoother appearance. In addition to cosmetic purposes, Botox can also be used by your Frederick dentist to improve conditions such as TMJ, a high lip line, and chronic migraine headaches. Take a look at this Infographic to see how Botox can be used at your dentist’s office. Please share with your friends and family, and ask your cosmetic dentist if Botox should be part of your next appointment. 

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    A Look at the Stages of Gum Disease

    Last updated 6 days ago

    Gum disease is perhaps the most common oral infection in our nation, and is also the most overlooked by patients. Your family dentist takes gums disease very seriously, however, as should you. Gum disease carries far more consequences than just bad breath and the occasional bleeding gums; it can ultimately lead to tooth loss or even dead gum tissue. Here is how gum disease progresses:

    Gingivitis—Gingivitis is the earliest stage of gum disease. Gums may be red, slightly swollen, and irritated, and may bleed with brushing. Bad breath may be present, and a shallow pocket may begin to form between the tooth and the gums, although no real damage to the supporting structures occurs. At this point, treatment is relatively simple if administered quickly, and usually consists of diligent oral hygiene at home, along with a good professional cleaning from your dentist.

    Early Periodontitis—At this stage, gum disease progresses to the point that it causes some damage to the ligaments that hold the teeth in place, but the teeth are not loose yet. Treatment is still possible, although it may be slightly more intensive than that of gingivitis.

    Moderate Periodontitis—As gum disease continues untreated, deep pockets form between the teeth and gums, and significant loss of supporting structures occurs. Teeth become loose and tooth loss becomes a real possibility. Your dentist will need to perform intense and usually uncomfortable procedures in order to stop the inflammation and infection and return the gums to health.

    Advanced Periodontitis—At this stage, significant loss in gum tissue and connective structures occurs. You will likely have extreme tooth sensitivity as the gums recede from the teeth, exposing the roots. Teeth are extremely loose in their sockets and tooth loss is highly probable. Left to progress further, it can turn into necrotizing periodontitis, where the gum tissue actually decays inside the mouth.

    At Premiere Dental Arts, our Frederick dentist specializes in providing the dental care you need for healthy teeth and gums. Whether you need a cosmetic dentist, pediatric dentist, or a general family dentist, we are here to serve you. Call (240) 215-3510 today for more information or to schedule your appointment.

    Why Straight Teeth Are Better for Your Health

    Last updated 14 days ago

    While having a perfectly straight smile is certainly desirable from an appearance standpoint, the way you look or could look isn’t the only reason you should consider seeing an orthodontist or cosmetic dentist. Properly aligned teeth are actually important for your oral and general health. Here’s why:

    Straight teeth are easier to clean and care for. Perfectly aligned teeth don’t overlap one another or trap food in awkward ways that require incredible dexterity to remove. Brushing and flossing are a breeze, which makes you more likely to actually do it rather than avoid oral hygiene simply because it’s too much of a hassle.

    Straight teeth are more conducive to healthy gums. When teeth are crowded, crooked, or overlapped, they can place unnecessary pressure on gum tissue, which can cause swelling and irritation. Gums are more secure around straight teeth, which makes gum disease less likely provided that you’re keeping up with your oral hygiene. Additionally, gum disease is linked to several other diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. The more you can do to minimize gum disease, the lower the risk or impact of developing or worsening correlating conditions such as these.

    Straight teeth are less prone to decay. This isn’t because straighter teeth are magically stronger or more resilient, but because of the reasons listed above, they just simply don’t get as many cavities. While this is good news for your dental health, it’s also fantastic for your overall health. A mouth that is full of irritation or decay can lead to infection, which ultimately impacts your entire body. Eliminating the source of inflammation or infection by straightening the teeth and making them easier to care for can do wonders for your general health as well.

    At Premiere Dental Arts in Frederick, we offer Invisalign as a comfortable, non-invasive way to straighten teeth and improve oral and general health, as well as conventional braces. Contact our cosmetic and family dentist today by visiting us online or calling (240) 215-3510 to schedule a consultation. We look forward to serving you and your family!

    Premiere Dental Arts Review!

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